Was denken Schülerinnen in FAIRTRADE-Produzentenländern über Schule?

Über 600 SchülerInnen zwischen 8 und 17 wurden interviewt. Sie gehen an Schulen, die sich nahe von FAIRTRADE-Kooperativen oder Plantagen befinden und sind zwischen Hilfe im Haushalt und lernen hin und hergerissen.

Über 600 SchülerInnen zwischen 8 und 17 wurden von Fairtrade International interviewt.

Girls views on school

"I want to be educated and be able to take care of my parents and my own family."

"My teacher does not respect me because I am a child of a farmer. I want my teacher to know farmers can make money and farmers' children can also be respected."

"At school, I can play games with the other girls and I can draw, I learn to sing and learn about myself."

"What I don't like about my school is that we have to clean the classrooms, the toilets, the gardens, pick up rubbish, wipe the windows and when it rains we have to take the water out."

"I don't like the long distance to get to school, we walk for hours, and we sometimes face problems when men tease us and talk to us."

"I love to spend time with my teacher. She is very patient with me and talks to me with respect."

"My school is pretty, the garden is very beautiful and I like walking there with my friends."

"Some of teachers come in drunk and sleep in the chair that annoys me a lot."