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Advancing sustainable consumption and production in Europe

FAIRTRADE announces two new initiatives supported by the EU.

Together, the European Union-funded projects will expand our engagement with a diverse array of consumers and producers, politicians and policy makers, and businesses and institutions during the next few years. Fairtrade International, together with 21 implementing partners – including eight National Fairtrade Organizations (Czech Republic & Slovakia, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Poland, UK), the Fair Trade Advocacy Office, World Fair Trade Organization and eight of its members, and Fashion Revolution – secured 5.8 million Euro funding from the European Union to implement a three-year project entitled “Trade Fair - Live Fair”.

Fairtrade International also secured a European Commission grant of €1 million to support Fairtrade’s market expansion in India. Together with Fairtrade India, the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fairtrade Germany and Max Havelaar France, the four-year project aims to increase Indian urban consumers’ understanding of and engagement with the concept of sustainability – particularly related to food and clothing.

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